torsdag 29. mars 2007

Satires of Cirumstance, nr 10

Dronten har tidligere sluppet til Thomas Hardy med en av hans Satires of Circumstance in Fifteen Glimpses fra 1914. Her er en annen, stadig like ondsinnet.

X. In the Nupital Chamber
'O that mastering tune!' And up in the bed
Like a lace-robed phantom springs the bride;
'And why?' asks the man she had that day wed,
With a start, as the band plays on outside.
'It's the townsfolk's cheery compliment
Because of our marriage, my Innocent.'

'O but you don't know! 'Tis the passionate air
To which my old Love waltzed with me,
And I swore as we spun that none should share
My home, my kisses, till death, save he!
And he dominates me and thrills me through,
And it's he I embrace while embracing you!'

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Eira sa...

Nuptial. Siden jeg er så kranglevoren og pirkete i dag. Jeg skylder på varmen!

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