mandag 26. mai 2008

Bill. mrk. "Litt for litterær"

Hr. Armagnac fikk æren for forrige post (vel fortjent) og han har også æren for denne, som fra neste avsnitt av kun består av sitater fra personals-spalten til London Review of Books. I sannhet en, eh, veldig litterær gjeng. (Og det blir snart klart hvorfor den er illustrert med en utstoppet frosk.).

At first glance you may consider me a true modernist in the von Webern sense, but – like him – deep down I’m very much a romantic. As my collection of taxidermied amphibians will testify. Man, 60.
box no. 10/06

Don’t look back in anger, try condescension instead. Look sideways with schadenfreude and upward in revulsion. Serial divorcee (F, 53) has you in her sights next with a raft of sarcastic barbs and derisive statements, but a photo sent to box no. 09/02 along with a list of trite achievements that I’ll remain aloof and casually disdainful about should make the whole process slightly less painful by confronting the inevitable head on.
box no. 09/02

Think of every sexual partner you’ve ever had. I’m nothing like them. Unless you’ve ever slept with a German bulimic cellist called Elsa. Elsa: German bulimic cellist, (F, 37).
box no. 10/09

I’m still Jenny from the block. Which is odd because yesterday I was Keith from the allotment. Keith from the allotment, 49. You can call me Jenny.
box no. 08/04

Is there a charming man out there – warm, spontaneous, knowing? If so, could you reply to all the men currently appearing in this column and give them a few pointers? Attractive, educated woman, 46, fed up of having to fake emergency phone calls to avoid pre-dessert ramblings about your sister’s new conservatory and how much respect you have for Enya. You know who you are.
box no. 10/07

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Lady Mju sa...

De var helt utrolige. Men jeg likte best de annonsene som stod helt, helt nederst på siden...

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